Accessibility Statement

Bank of Ireland UK is committed to providing a website which is available to everybody, regardless of technology or ability.

We have endeavoured to provide a website that is designed to be easy to use with structured information for ease of navigation, headers containing navigational items, which can be skipped at any time and the correct application of alternate descriptions for videos and images.

We continue to focus on development of the website based upon currently evolving standards, and best practices for access.

Web Accessibility Initiative

This website has been designed to conform to the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which is directed with standards on the provision of web content accessible to persons with disabilities.  Compliance to these guidelines ensures that the website provides the same experience for all of our users.

Browser Compatibility

The site has been built to the W3C compliance standards for xHTML, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).  The site has been designed to correctly display the majority of browser releases since 2005.  We ensure our site displays correctly in older browsers and also work to ensure the same display is compatible with future browser versions.  Minimum browser support is as follows:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8 and upwards
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 3 and upwards
  • Chrome Version 9 and upwards
  • Mac Safari and Windows Safari
  • Android Internet Browser
  • Android Chrome
  • Android Firefox
  • iOS Safari
  • iOS Chrome
  • iOS Firefox


We currently use a range of features (listed below) for the provision of our content and application forms.  We continue to review the site to ensure that the content provided is accessible and complaint to the W3C standard in the following ways:


Images are provided with alternate text options (alt text) for screen readers to ensure compliance with the W3C standards.  Any decorative graphics used for styling contain no alternative descriptions, compliant with the guidelines.

Site Map

A site map is available for the provision of general information relating to the structure of the website.


The website has been designed to ensure that combination of colours relating to variations of colour blindness conditions are avoided to ensure that the information provided is clear.


Fonts used across the site have been selected to be easily readable, with each browser providing options to increase or decrease the font size.

  • For Internet Explorer, select View, and Text Size, and highlight the desired font size
  • For Firefox, select View, and Zoom, then Zoom Text Only
  • For Safari, click on the large A button to increase the font size up
  • For Chrome, click the Settings icon, then zoom the page with the '-' or '+' icons to achieve the desired display


Pop-ups are used across the site, however, these are kept to a minimum and advise users of the content being opened in a new window via the provided alt and title tagging.

PDF Documents

All generated PDF documents require the use of separate software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and, where required, Adobe can provide the tools and resources required for screen readers.

We endeavour to provide PDF documents which are accessible for everybody, however there may be exceptions of older documents which do not comply with the current standards required for screen readers.

Maintaining Accessibility:

It is the aim of Bank of Ireland UK to ensure that we provide a website that is fully accessible to everyone.  We aim to continually review current standards to ensure that we maintain a high level of accessibility across our website.  We welcome comments, queries, suggestions or details of problems you may have encountered whilst using the website.  Please feel free to contact us with the details of any issues experienced.